Wheels are bad for rats backs ):

Oh man thank you for telling me. Ok that idea is out.

Can you raise rats as cageless housepets?
Well I don’t think you can raise them to be totally cageless, although I suppose you could if you had a really empty simple room with tight doors and all. Our Darling boy was nearly cageless in the sense that whenever we were home we let him go wherever he wanted (in our room) and at night he often slept in our bed with us. To me rats seem like a miniature version of a cat mixed with a dog, only way smarter and snuggly-er. I like to have them be out n’ about as much as they can c: x
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  1. leggomymeggos said: You guys have baby rats and you didn’t telL ME? :( can I meet them tonight or tomorrow night?
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